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Brakes & Suspension

The suspension system takes the brunt of the damage that the terrain dishes up to your 4x4. That means it has to be in perfect working order at all times. Our aftermarket suspension components help you achieve a smooth ride and long suspension lifespan no matter how high your lift. 

Brake Lines

Replace your worn up rubber brake lines with extended aftermarket brake lines made from stainless steel, Kevlar and Teflon. 

Caster/Camber Kits

Lowering your vehicle leads to a change in geometry from the stock model, which can cause uneven tire wear on the inside of your tires. Our cam plates and cam bolts can help you gain extra positive caster and get an even, reduced wear on your tires. 

Control Arms

Aftermarket control arms allow more axle movement than factory arms, putting less strain on your suspension and ultimately improving its longevity. We offer specialty control arms for many makes and models, or choose adjustable control arms to fine-tune the exact angle you need. 

Kicker Braces

If your 4x4 is a true off-roader used on rough terrain, mud or rocks, we highly recommend kicker braces. Kicker braces add strength and rigidity to the front crossmember assembly where you need it most.

Lift Blocks & U-bolts

Lift blocks and U-bolt kits in a variety of sizes for virtually any vehicle model. Corrosion resistant and easy to install, our lift blocks are perfect for replacing ageing components or executing the perfect custom lift. 

Radius Arms

For vehicles with a large 4-6” lift, a new radius arm can reduce vibrations and achieve factory angles. 


Lowering shackles can help buy you extra lift height while preserving a good ride quality and dampening driveline vibrations. We offer shackles designed for specific vehicle models for a perfect fit. 

Sway-bar Kits

Add or customize sway bars to suit your preferred ride characteristics. We offer sway bar kits, sway bar drop brackets for lifted vehicles, even disconnects so you can choose when you want your sway bars in play. 

Track Bars

The track bar keeps your axle centered under your 4x4, but it can be thrown off when you lift the vehicle, pulling the axle to one side. We offer specialty track bars, adjustable track bars and track bar brackets to get you back to a smooth, level ride. 

Traction Bars

A good traction bar prevents the type of suspension movement and pinion angles that cause a loss of traction while off-road. Perfect for keeping full traction while towing or accelerating.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our parts are backed by our money-back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Have questions about your suspension system? Contact Spyder today.

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