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Drivetrain & Differentials

Your drivetrain is the core of your vehicle—the one piece that makes sure the power from the engine actually makes it to the wheels and keeps you going. Spyder Off-Road offers quality aftermarket drive shafts, easy-install drop kits, high performance ring and pinion sets, and all the accessories you need to maximize power and performance. 

Carrier Bearing Drop Kits

If you experience vibration while accelerating or at certain speeds, there’s a good chance a carrier bearing drop kit will fix it. 4x4s exhibit this kind of vibration when they have two-piece drive shafts and have been lifted. With a lift, the drive shaft sits at a higher angle and there’s a higher risk of vibration along the length of the shaft, which can be felt in the vehicle. A drop kit acts as an advanced “shim” and returns the drive shaft to its original angle, banishing the vibration.

Drive Shafts

An aftermarket drive shaft is a great upgrade to an off-roader if you are looking for power and performance. A high performing drive shaft will give you a firmer feel and make sure more of the engine’s horsepower gets to the wheels, as well as giving a smoother ride once you’re back on level ground or moving at high speeds.

Ring & Pinions

4x4s can suffer a performance loss any time you lift the vehicle and switch to bigger tires. The larger tires throw off your gear ratio, resulting in a slower-turning drive shaft and engine. An aftermarket ring and pinions, however, can reset the ratio and deliver full power to your wheels, making sure that all of your engine’s hp is pushed out to the axles where it belongs. The right ring & pinion set can dramatically beef your performance.

Transfer Case Parts

Whether you need to switch out fragile slip yoke for a solid fixed yoke, or drop your transfer case for a smoother ride, we have the accessories to get the job done. 

Parts You Can Count On

Every part that Spyder sells is backed by our money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer full installation by our team of seasoned professionals, and will help answer any questions you have about your drivetrain and troubleshooting your performance. Contact Spyder today.

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