RCV Ultimate Carbon Fiber Prop Shaft for Yamaha YXZ


The carbon fiber design is nearly HALF the weight of OEM, reducing rotational mass, increases acceleration, and reduces any possibility of vibration. Additionally, the dampening effect of carbon fiber will reduce shock load and stress on other components such as transmission and front differential.  The new rear RCV carbon fiber for YXZ prop shaft features 300M stubs, eliminating the common crown gear issue the YXZ has. 

Tested at over twice as strong as OEM, the carbon fiber prop shaft for Yamaha YXZ will be the last 

Designed as an OEM replacement of the rear prop shaft for 2016 and up Yamaha YXZ1000R / YXZ1000SS.

The YXZ Carbon Fiber Prop Shaft is made to order.  Limited stock available.

Backed by a 
1 Year Warranty against breakage to the original purchaser. Warranty does not cover the willful destruction of product. All claims are subject to review.

RCV Yamaha YXZ CF prop shaft vs OEM Yamaha YXZ propshaft test results show the
RCV prop shaft at 3400 torque ft. lbs. compared the OEM at onlyl 1400 torque ft. lbs.

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