Venom 1:24 Scale SRRS Rock Bouncer


VENOM Rock Bouncer 1/24 4WS Mini Rock Crawler now comes with strong metal gears. 

The SRRS Rock Bouncer is all the crawler you need if you want to tackle the wild expanses of your living room or the backyard rockery and it will attack these challenges with all the specialist abilities of a 1/10  or 1/8 crawler, just on a much smaller scale. This crawler is perfect for those days when the weather won't let you outside or your crawling space is limited because you can set up a cool obstacle course with a few household objects that will keep you challenged for hours.

The RockSta can handle tough mini trails because it's packed with features like a low center of gravity, four-wheel steering with steering mixing, motor on axle both front and rear, fixed diffs and solid axle suspension just like the big boys.

Truly unique to the SRRS Rock Bouncer is the ability to change steering modes on the fly using the radio included in the box. It has four steering modes that can all be changed from the radio by simply pressing a button:
• Front wheels only 
• Rear wheels only 
• Front and rear wheels in opposing directions
• Front and rear wheels in the same direction (crabbing)

• All metal gears
• 4 wheel steering with 4 steering modes that can be switched while driving
• Motor on axle improve grip on both the front and rear tires
• LCG chassis design for handling steep inclines
• Custom metal body
• Adjustable caster angle
• Adjustable caster angle
• 2 in 1 ESC and receiver
• Uses 2S 7.4V Lipo batteries
• 2CH 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A Radio with steering mode switch function

Height: 95mm
Width: 130mm
Length: 187mm
Wheelbase: 136mm
Radio: 2CH 2.4GHz with steering mode switch function

(4) x AA size battery for transmitter

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