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Bumpers & Body Protection

Your 4x4 is your tank. It takes you through the roughest terrain, over loose rocks, deep in the mud—anywhere you point it. But are you keeping it safe in return? Spyder Off-Road offers the aftermarket armor and skid plates you need to protect your Jeep, truck or SUV. 

Factory bumpers rarely offer the level of protection you need for your off-road truck, Jeep or SUV. At Spyder, we offer an extensive lineup of aftermarket bull bars, bumpers and tire carriers. Engineered for strength and durability, our bumpers and bars offer you superior protection, an aggressive off-road look, and a great mounting place for lights and other accessories. With products for virtually every model of off-roader, all of Spyder’s bumper products come backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Bull Bars

There is no 4x4 accessory as distinctive as a bull bar. Just like the ring in a bull’s nose, your bull bar singles out your build as one of the baddest, meanest monsters on the road. Brutally functional, a bull bar helps knock debris and branches out of the way and protects your front end from damage on the road. 

Front Bumpers

Upgrading your front bumper is an easy way to give your 4x4 a tougher look—and get more out of it. Spyder offers front winch bumpers, full width bumpers, stubby bumpers, light bars and more. 

Rear Bumpers

Your vehicle’s rear end should always be ready for business. Make it a true work platform with a full width steel bumper with built-in D-rings—or a winch bumper. 

Skid Plates

Not every build is going to get the same benefit from a skid plate, and some will need it more than others. The main purpose of any skid plate is to protect the engine and other components from being hit by debris. Depending on your terrain, this could include brush and branches scraping under the vehicle, loose rocks being kicked up, or both. As a bonus, a skid plate also helps block mud, sand and water from splashing up into sensitive areas. This can make a real difference if you do serious off-roading. 

Tire Carriers

Rock solid protection plus the space you need. We offer tire carriers that can handle any size tire you’ve got, and make great places to mount accessories. Tire spacers also available. 

Equipment You Can Count On

At Spyder, we established our reputation by offering the best off-roading products available, and backing them up with unfailing customer service. We can offer installation for any product we sell, and we stand behind our work 100%. Our Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you aren’t satisfied in any way, you get a full no-questions refund. 

Our most popular armor products include:

  • Inner fenders to guard the suspension and the guts of your vehicle from mud, water and salt coming in under your lift
  • Diff guards that protect one of the most sensitive components of your build
  • Skid plates to provide a layer for almost the entire underside—or select areas like the gas tank.

All of our armor is covered by our money-back Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as the manufacturer warranty. We can offer full installation for any product you buy. 

Have questions? We’re happy to talk skid plates. Contact Spyder today.

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