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Exterior Parts

Give your 4x4 truck, Jeep or SUV the aftermarket protection it needs. Spyder offers everything from bed covers and mats to bull bars, bumpers, nerf bars and more—all backed with our money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Bed Covers/Tonneau Covers

A truck bed cover or tonneau cover is a simple way to keep anything in your truck bed out of view, safe from the elements and protected. They help reduce wind drag, protect the bed from water and snow buildup and improve the overall look of your truck. Our selection includes hard and soft covers for virtually every model of truck. 

Truck Bed Mats

There are a lot of ways to put scratches and dings in your truck bed. Whether it’s loading, unloading, tossing things in or simply equipment shifting around during transport, a truck bed mat helps protect your investment and keep your truck bed in good shape. 

Bull Bars

Bull bars are more than just a mean-looking addition to your front end. They help protect a bumper or front grille that can be deceptively fragile, and they can fend off serious damage from tree trunks, rocks, or even fender benders. 

Front Bumpers

The bumper is the most basic piece of protection between your build and anything coming at you. It’s also a distinctive part of your vehicle’s rugged look. We offer durable aftermarket bumpers for any build you dream up.

Nerf Steps 

If you drive a lifted truck you know what a difference Nerf Steps, side tubes or running boards can make. All of our steps add to your vehicle’s style while lending easy access from the ground. Our Rough Country Nerf Steps offer an innovative design that hides any exposed frame below the vehicle and protects your rocker panels. 

Fender Flares

Fender flares frame out your big wheels and show off your lift, while protecting the sides of your ride from flying gravel. Check out our mighty selection of flares in smooth factory style and studded rivet style.

Wheel Well Liners

Wheel well liners are a deceptively useful upgrade to any off-road vehicle. They serve to fill in the gap caused by lifting your build, but they do a lot more—like protecting your wheel wells from rocks, mud and salt, and making it easier to clean your ride after a particularly rough run. 

Have questions? Need to find the right part? Let our experts help. Contact Spyder Off-Road today. 

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