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Interior Parts

Off-roaders are meant to get dirty—on the outside. Protect your carpet and interior with Spyder’s wide range of floor mats and rear cargo liners, all of them built to last. Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning, and help protect the value of your truck, jeep or SUV with our interior armor. 

Floor Mats & Cargo Liners

Floor mats have one job: protect the floor of your vehicle from grime so you don’t have to clean it up. Unfortunately many truck owners use simple one-size-fits-all rubber floor mats. These mats fail to live up to expectations because they are not exact fits for your vehicle model and they may offer incomplete coverage. Many truck and SUV owners also find that rubber mats slide around easily, negating the protection they offer. 

That’s why Spyder offers customized aftermarket floor protection for all our customers’ favorite models. Our Chevy Tahoe floor mats are different from our Jeep Cherokee floor mats, because each one is shaped to fit the exact contours of your vehicle. The results speak for themselves:

  • Total floor coverage
  • No slipping or sliding
  • Brush or vacuum your floor clean in minutes
  • Protect your investment and the value of your vehicle

We also offer heavy duty cargo liners designed to protect your ride not just from dirt, but from the wear and tear of loading up heavy equipment. 

100% Backed by Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Spyder has been in the off-roading business for years, and we do more than just sell great parts. We back our products with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee—and great customer service. That means:

  • If you don’t like your parts for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund
  • Professional installation is available for every part we sell
  • Have a question? Let our experienced staff give you a straight, no-nonsense answer

Let us help you find the best floor protection for your build. Contact Spyder today. 

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