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A big vehicle doesn’t have to have rough handling. Simple aftermarket steering upgrades can give you a tighter turn radius, eliminate drift or wandering, and end front-end vibrations once and for all. 

Pitman & Steering Arms

Depending on the year and model of your build, and how much lift you have, you may experience decreased steering performance after your lift. This can involve bump steering (veering or steering without you turning the wheel) or vibration in the steering wheel. This is because the drag link sits at too high of an angle in the lifted vehicle. The typical solution is a drop pitman arm, which essentially extends your steering arm and corrects the drag link angle. A drop pitman arm can improve turning radius, eliminate bump steer and banish vibrations. Spyder also offers a variety of other performance steering parts including raised steering arms, steering blocks and adjustable drag links.

Steering Reinforcement

Anytime a large vehicle hits rough terrain, one of the main stress points in the frame is right where the steering box bolts in. This is because the two sides of the frame can flex independently of each other as they roll over uneven terrain, or when the vehicle turns, straining the center of your build. This can affect the lifespan of your steering box, the quality of your steering itself, and long-term it can even lead to a cracked frame. That’s why Spyder offers a variety of brackets and steering brace kits. These easy-installation braces will give you a tighter steering feel, eliminate side-to-side play, extends your steering box’s lifespan, and reduces frame flex. Tie rods, rod sleeves, and skid braces are also available. 

Steering Stabilizers

Steering stabilizers are an easy, low-cost way to improve steering and reduce wear and tear on your build. Stabilizers help reduce wandering or “bump steer.” They also dampen front end vibration, putting less strain on tires, ball joints, and other steering components.

The Spyder Guarantee

At Spyder, we offer full installation for our parts, and we stand by every part we sell whether you install it yourself or we do it for you. That’s why all our products are backed with a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Have questions? We’re always happy to talk about steering. Contact Spyder today.

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