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Wheels & Accessories

Wheels are the unsung heroes of the 4x4 world. While tires get the glory, good wheels can boost your your gas mileage, offset the weight of your tires, improve handling and give your 4x4 a wicked look. Spyder offers an unrivaled selection of aftermarket wheels for any truck, Jeep or SUV—all backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. 

ATX Series Wheels

Dedicated off-road wheels favored by many professional competitors. 

Dick Cepek Wheels

A leader in the off-road sporting industry for over 60 years, with wheels that perfectly fit our Dick Cepek tires.

Mickey Thompson Wheels

One of the biggest names in off-roading, Mickey Thompson pioneered rugged, aggressively-treaded tires and the wheels that get the most out of them.

Moto Metal Wheels

Highly engineered wheels made exclusively for trucks, SUVs and off-roaders.

Steel Wheels

Many off-roaders continue to prize steel wheels for their strength, resilience and handling characteristics.

XD Series Wheels

Stylish, high-performance specialty wheels for off-road enthusiasts.

Wheel Spacers

Adding wide, high-offset tires to your build? Wheel spacers can give you some breathing room and prevent rubbing on the frame, suspension or fender panel. 

Getting the Right Wheel Fit on Your 4x4

Many off-roaders choose their wheels based purely on looks, but at Spyder we’ll help you get the best performance, too. Your wheels have to work together with your tires and fit your build in order to deliver the handling you need. Our seasoned experts understand wheel measurements and what effect a wheel has on your driving characteristics. 

We can help you:

  • Find a wheel in the right size range for your tires
  • Decide whether to err on the “wide” or “narrow” side of your range
  • Choose the right offset for the job (how far the wheel mounting sticks out from the centerline)
  • Get perfect backspacing (how “deep” the wheel and tire run toward the frame) to clear your suspension
  • Make sure your wheels will support your load

We are not the kind of shop that carries only a few wheels and tries to make them fit every build. We carry the widest selection of aftermarket wheels possible, so that you get the perfect match for your tires, your build and the way you prefer to use your 4x4. 

Need to choose the optimum wheels for your truck, Jeep or SUV? We can help. Contact Spyder today.

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