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Winches & Accessories

Having a winch transforms your 4x4 from an off-roading sport vehicle to a true workhorse. If you use your off-roader for towing, ranch work, or commercial use, a reliable winch is a must. For other off-roaders, you may not use your winch everyday, but you’ll be glad you have one when you need it.

Electric Winches

Spyder Off-Road is proud to equip our customers with some of the best electric winches on the market. Our Rough Country winches are rated waterproof and dustproof, and deliver great performance at a competitive price. All of our winches are backed with our money-back Satisfaction Guarantee—on top of the factory warranty.

Winch Accessories

From isolators, tow hooks and extra line to lights to illuminate your load, we have everything you need to maximize your winch’s capabilities.

Winch Mounts

Durable, easy-to-install aftermarket mounts, winch bumpers and more.

Getting the Most Out of Your Winch

Winches are powerful tools that do a big job—and you need to know they can handle it. At Spyder we focus on offering the most rugged, reliable electric winches available. We recommend:

Series Wound (SW) motors for maximum performance. Winches come with two basic motor types, SW and permanent magnet (PM). PM’s tend to be used in low-end winches; they easily overheat and they sometimes cut out in cold weather. Our SW motor winches give you reliability you can count on. 

Planetary gears. While there are several gear types for 4x4 winches, we find that planetary gears offer the best balance of drivetrain friction and amp draw. They’re also compact and deliver enormous torque. 

Other considerations in adding a winch to your vehicle include:

  • Total line pull. A good rule of thumb is to take your vehicle’s total gross weight and multiply by 1.5. 
  • Line length. Longer lines come with the drawback of longer spool time. We offer extra lines with eyes spliced in so you can start with a short line and make it longer when needed.
  • Steel wire vs. synthetic. Both have their advantages. Synthetic is lighter and easier to re-splice. Wire weighs more, but it’s far more resistant to chafing and heat. We offer winches with both options so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

Have questions? We’re happy to talk winches anytime. Contact Spyder today. 

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