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Tires & Accessories

No off-road vehicle should go into battle with factory-issue street tires. When we talk to serious off-roaders, the first thing on their mind for a new build is choosing the right tires. Even an otherwise stock 4x4 can transform into a beast when given true all-terrain treads. Big tires with an aggressive tread will instantly change your vehicle’s performance: more ground clearance, improved traction, and maximum performance on sand, mud and rocks. 

Spyder offers top-performance aftermarket tires at unbeatable prices, from three of the most respected brands—all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek sets the standard for off-road tires with a huge variety of all-terrain, extreme all-terrain, mud-crawlers and on/off road hybrids. 

Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson is one of the most respected names in the industry and provides a wide range of tire styles, including extreme rock-crawlers like the Baja Claw Radial.

Nitto Tires

We haven’t seen a Nitto tire we don’t like, and this brand consistently offers high-performance tires at exceptional prices.

Choosing the Right Tire for your Off-Road Vehicle

Choosing a tire for your ride is a very personal choice, and it depends on what you want to use the vehicle for. We work with customers who do heavy jobs in hard-to-reach places, professional off-road competitors, and dedicated hobbyists who have to drive on pavement five days a week. But all off-roaders have to consider five things when choosing a tire: 

  1. How much lift do you have?
    Bigger tires come with more ground clearance and a bigger contact patch on the ground, meaning more traction. However, they may require a suspension lift or leveling to fit on your build.
  2. On-road vs. off-road treads
    It’s common knowledge that bigger treads with more voids will throw aside mud and sand, grab loose rocky surfaces and generally perform better off-road. But they’re also noisier on pavement. If you’ll spend a lot of your time on regular roads, go for a less extreme all-terrain tire or a hybrid. 
  3. Tire lifespan
    Similarly, those aggressive tires with the big tread blocks will generally have a shorter lifespan and wear out faster. This doesn’t matter if you need them for extreme terrain, but if you spend more time on-road it may not be worth it. 
  4. Sidewall protection
    This is often overlooked. A big, knobby tire with weak sidewalls won’t stand up to branches, trail debris and sharp rocks. Serious off-roaders should invest in high quality tires with hefty sidewalls. 
  5. Your preferred terrain
    Most 4x4s perform best with general all-terrain tires, which will also perform well on the street. But if you’re into a dedicated sport like rock-crawling or mudding, get specialty tires that are designed for those situations. 

Need help choosing the right tires? Let us answer your questions. Contact Spyder today.

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