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The top is often what makes the Jeep—both for looks and for trail experience. Half the joy of owning a Jeep is feeling the wind in your hair and breathing the fresh air of your surroundings while out wheeling, camping or just taking a cruise. Having a trusty top means you can enjoy the elements in good weather and protect your investment—and your comfort—when it starts to pour. That’s why Spyder Off-Road carries a full lineup of premium Jeep tops, all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Jeep Soft Tops

Soft tops are the most popular tops. They’re easy for a single person to take off and they take up very little storage space, and when they’re on they offer great weather protection and shade. Our Jeep soft tops offer full protection, easy installation and zip-on vinyl windows. 

What to Look for in a Soft Top

Every Jeep owner wants something a little different from their top, and the style you choose depends a lot on how you use your vehicle. However, all tops need to perform properly and hold up to the elements over time. As a general rule, to get a top you’re happy with you’ll want to look for:

  • Quality materials. Lately we have seen a flood of flimsy soft tops on the market. Unfortunately, many a Jeeper has fallen victim to these “bargain basement” options and ended up with water leakage, an easily damaged or torn top, or simply a top that wears out too quickly. We focus on heavy duty soft tops like Rough Country’s 23 ounce vinyl-coated polyester cotton. These premium materials mean a longer lifespan, flawless protection and less flapping and road noise. 
  • Sealed watertight seams. The best material won’t keep water out if the seams aren’t sturdy. This is where most low quality soft tops show their first leaking, and it’s a shame because it’s easy for the manufacturer to reinforce seams. Look for seams that are double stitched with high gauge thread and heat sealed for maximum protection.
  • Easy on/off installation. If you’ve ever been out topless when a sudden desert storm came up, or ran out to where you parked your Jeep while clouds were bearing down, you understand exactly why on/off time matters. Spyder prefers soft tops that are easy to install the first time and quick to take on or off anytime. 
  • UV and mildew resistant. In a stronger soft top, it’s not water leakage that does it in. It’s the sun. UV exposure causes your top to age and discolor, and eventually wear out entirely. Meanwhile, moisture in the corners or along the frame can lead to mildew growth eating away at your top. Always get a soft top that’s rated as UV- and mildew-resistant.
  • A good fit. Tops have to be made to match original factory specs for your model of Jeep. If they aren’t, you’ll get a sloppy fit which can lead to leakage or strain and tearing. All of our soft tops are designed to perfectly fit original specifications.

We Stand Behind Our Jeep Tops

On top of the manufacturer warranty, at Spyder we stand personally behind every product we sell. If you’re unhappy with your Jeep top for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. 

Need help finding the right top? Contact Spyder today.

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