Spyder Off-Road was founded by a small group of dedicated, experienced 4x4 professionals. We wake up thinking about off-roaders and we fall asleep thinking about them. Our goal with Spyder is to deliver maximum performance for your build, with quality lift kits and superior aftermarket parts. 

What makes a good lift?

We’ve been lifting and upgrading 4x4s for years. In that time we’ve seen a lot of shoddy lift jobs. These lifts got the extra height the customer wanted, but with sloppy and potentially dangerous side effects: decreased handling, driveline vibrations, poor traction and tires rubbing against the suspension or the fender plate. Some of these lifts put so much strain on the build they end up with a cracked frame. We saw a place for a dedicated 4x4 store that puts quality first—and has the right parts for the job. 

Spyder offers lift kits and accessories that are: 

  • Engineered for your specific model and year range
  • Made with premium materials and built to last
  • Easy to install properly for any 4x4 owner
  • Priced at market leading prices

We simply want to provide the best aftermarket accessories and performance parts, and make them as accessible as possible. The better your vehicle performs, the happier we are. 

Installation Options

We make it as easy as possible for you to get your parts on your vehicle and get back to the trail. You have your choice of installation method: 

We support DIY installs by offering high quality, easy-to-install kits and parts wherever possible, with average install time listed on each product page.

We offer full installation for any part we sell, and we stand behind our workmanship. 

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Our Satisfaction Guarantee means you have 30 days to decide if any part lives up to your expectations. We encourage you to install it and try it out. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you get your money back. That’s how strongly we believe in the parts we sell. 

Thinking about an upgrade to your build? We’re happy to talk shop and answer questions. Contact Spyder today.